25 Aprile 2024
RAIDO: Reliable AI and Data OptimisationTopic. SU-DS04-2018-2020 RAIDO is a powerful framework solution designed to develop trustworthy and green artificial intelligence (AI). Trustworthy AI focuses on ensuring the reliability, safety, and unbiased optimization and deployment of AI systems, particularly in critical applications such as healthcare, farming, energy, and robotics. On the other hand, Green AI [...]
By staff@logos-ri
28 Agosto 2023
EXTRACT: A distributed data-mining software platform for EXTReme dAta Across the Compute conTinuumTopic. SU-DS04-2018-2020 Data has become one of the most valuable assets, driving the digital transformation across many sectors. Current data mining solutions are optimized to deal with specific data requirements, but fail to cope as the data characteristics become extreme. There is therefore [...]
By Emanuele Bellini