The Association, placing man at the center, pursues its institutional purposes in the research and innovation sectors based on new information and communication technologies, with particular attention to issues related to:

  • Security and Resilience
  • Safety and Well-being
  • Trust
  • Digital Culture
  • Learning and training

The Association carries on its business through

  • promotion and dissemination of research and innovation activities relating to the issues of the sectors indicated above through a website, as well as through the organization and management of public events and the publication of editorial material, mainly online and via social media;

  • research, design, prototyping, promotion and communication activities on their own

  • participation in national and international public and private funding calls relating to the Association’s sectors of intervention

  • education, training and vocational courses through gamification

  • consulting, design, fast prototyping, study, documentation, promotion and communication services for public and private entities operating at national and international level